• Uday Sharma

GB Successful! Production shall begin!!!

Thank you all for all the support, the group buy was extremely successful with all 20 units selling out in less than 12 hours!!!!! It is my first time doing this, and it is extremely exciting for me to be sharing this with you! I cannot that you all enough for the support and feedback that was given to me regarding my products!

I will be getting the wood this weekend and will begin production immediately, I do have to do some setup and whatnot to optimize my workflow to get them to you as fast as possible. Just a few points, the final finish I will be using is lacquer, will be incredibly durable and look and feel amazing, I had to opt out of using wood oil due to compatibility issues between wood oil and lacquer.

Once again thank you all for the overwhelming support! It is much appreciated, I have a few other future collabs that I will be working on after this run is complete, make sure to join my mailing list to stay up to date with future news and updates, product launches etc. Thank you all! I will keep you updated!!!

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