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[IC]Local Canadian Hand-Made Wooden Wrist Rests

Hey All!! I have had this idea for a while now, but due to COVID and whatnot, I have had to sit on it for a bit. I have had a lot of woodworking experience in the past and was wondering if there was interest in having Locally (Canada) Produced wooden wrist-rests. I am working on setting up a group buy if this IC goes well, for the group buy It will be the most popular wood selection as per th

e IC in sizes 40%, 60%, 65%, TKL, and Full-Size.

The wrists rests in this GB will NOT have an inlay strip as can be seen in the sample, it will be a one piece. The reason for this decision is that I need to optimize my processes for the inlay IOT to make it efficient enough to deliver larger quantities. For now, we will stick to single piece. I am also taking commissions in case you DO want some inlays or designs because they do take a lot more time, as for my capabilities, the only thing I cannot do is engraving as I do not have a CNC.

A little bit more information

about the sample (Gallery link here:, it is made of walnut with a purple heart inlay, it is a hand-carved curvature which makes it very comfortable to use, with an oil satin finish leaving it feeling very smooth to the touch (and it also smells quite nice) .

Pricing I am aiming for as follows (All pricing in CAD for a single piece wrist rest, price may vary depening on most popular wood selection for GB):

- 40% : $45 CAD + Shipping

- 60-65%: $50 CAD + Shipping

- TKL: $55 CAD + Shipping

- Full-Size: $65 CAD + Shipping

- Commisions -> Varies greatly on what you would like, DM if interested!

Please fill out the IC form here and let me know if you have any questions, probably best to leave a comment here or send me a DM, whatever works for you guys! I am really excited to have the chance to bring you guys some really nice products and look forward to hearing from you!


One feedback that I got was to post samples of what the woods look like here they are!


I can do local pickup if anyone w

ould like to do that!


Here are some photos of the product that you would be receiving, as I mentioned earlier I cannot do an inlay (FOR NOW), so for this run I will be doing single piece wooden wrist rests as seen in the photos below.


So it looks like Walnut, Maple, and Ash are the most popular choices, so the GB will feature those 3 wood selections!

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